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Great Dane’s Gentle Reaction to Meeting a Tiny Chihuahua Is As Cute As It Gets

Like Bert and Ernie, sometimes it's the pairs that seem the most different go perfectly together. In the dog world, it's a Great Dane and Chihuahua who are the unlikely besties that everyone's talking about. The two met at a flea market recently and footage of them is now blowing up on TikTok. 

Like all fateful meetings, the two pups met while having a day out on the town. TikTok creator @mtnestwanderer4 happened to be there when it happened. And thank goodness she had her phone out. "This was the scene at the flea market today when one of the biggest dogs I've ever seen met one of the smallest dogs I've ever seen," she wrote. "So cute!" Just watch as the Chihuahua goes over to investigate the (much) bigger dog! The Great Dane was so kind to him, proving that he really was a gentle giant. 

The video has since been watched over 300,000 times and people in the comments section were swooning. "[The Great Dane] even laid down so he could greet the little guy properly," @barbaratruthnlove gushed. "Love the owners of the Dane here...obviously trained their large dog well!" @_not_broken.just.bent added. "This little pup is so sociable, how could the sweet Dane resist," @cksweetone chimed in. 

While another commenter thought the big dog had been pretty darn gallant. "He had a tie on he was nothing short of a gentleman," @gigantor7113 wrote. 

Other people were impressed by the little dog too. "The little dog is saying hi to everyone like 'hello, hi you, and you, oh hii,'" @fstephanie202 noted. "I bet they both think they are the same size too," @khitikat joked. 

Sadly, we don't have an update on these two buddies, but TBH, we're pretty sure they'll be BFFs forever.