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Great Dane's Reaction to Getting a New Gigantic Bed Couldn't Be Cuter

It's not an understatement to say that our bed is our happy place. It's where we watch movies, sleep, and yes — sometimes eat snacks. So it goes to reason that our pets feel equally as strong about where they sleep. We know that a Great Dane online must've been so happy when her mama finally got her a bed big enough for her to sleep on. The TikTok creator even recorded her pup's reaction and shared it on the internet, where it's receiving tons of applause. 

We just know that the pup's owner @thekoalapuffs had been waiting for the day that she got to tell her dog that they got the big bed. "Mila, your ginormous-sized, Great Dane-sized, bed has arrived, it looks like," she tells her dog from off-screen. The bed is technically "Goliath" sized. Or as the TikTok creator put it: "This thing is huge." And truly, it's the biggest dog bed we've ever seen. Take a look for yourself in the video below. 

You know what else is so bananas? Mila hasn't even grown to her full size yet! So she's going to need every extra inch of this bed. "Can’t wait to see her on it full grown," her mom wrote in the caption. 

People in the comments section were laughing their butts off. "Like five Great Danes could fit on that, that's a queen size bed for such a good doggo," @katcoe11 teased. "What the name of it I have three bulldogs they would all fit lol," @bettysan14 joked. "You gonna be surprised when she wont lay on it. We did the same with our Danes ,they preferred to lay on a small rug. Wasted € 200 on nothing," @Nogitsune chimed in. 

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Here's hoping that this pup doesn't do the same!

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