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Great Dane’s Annoyed Reaction to His Owner Is Cracking People Up

It's perfectly normal to get a little annoyed with the people you live with from time to time, but a Great Dane on TikTok has absolutely had it with his owner — and it shows. The pooch was fed-up with his owner calling for him and the side-eye he gives him is unmatched.

Bruno, a 3-year-old Blue Harlequin Great Dane, just wanted to watch a little television, is that too much to ask? Well, apparently yes. His human @bigbluebruno was determined to get his attention — no matter how peeved the dog seemed to get. "Hey. Hey. Bruno. Bruno. Bruno. Bruno. Bruno. Bruno..." the man can be heard saying from behind the camera. The dog tried his hardest not to look over, no matter how many times his owner called his name. At last, he finally gave in and turned his head, but the look he gives his owner is worth checking out for yourself. 

People in the comments section were loving Bruno's 'tude. "The slow side eye. I’m —" @kat_er_ade, wrote, pretty much speechless. "Bruno's side-eye game is on point!" @darrinmoon agreed. "You getting on my last nerve dad," @bonnieblackburn90 joked, as if reading Bruno's mind. "That slow turn of the head lol," @bronx510 added. "We don't talk about Bruno," @timburrows58 quipped. 

A second video shows Bruno's signature side-eye in full swing and we can only imagine how many times a day he's had to deploy it. 

Now excuse us while we keep laughing at Bruno's sass.