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Viral Video of Great Dane Playing With Tiny Puppy Gives Us all the Feels

Who doesn't love a well done big guy, little guy trope? Classics such as Timon and Pumba from Lion King and Sully and Mike from Monster's Inc. show us how wonderful it is to see a sweet, high energy little guy protected by a big, towering friend. One TikTok video is showing us a real life version of this dynamic in the form of a tiny Chihuahua pup and a Great Dane.

In the video posted by @dear_danes, we see a gentle giant named Birdie observing a Chihuahua puppy named Froggy, who jumps around nipping at the feet and face of the Great Dane. On their TikTok page, the owner explains that two Chihuahua puppies were found abandoned on the side of the road, and their vet gave the puppies to this family to foster after Birdie experienced a false pregnancy. Because of this, we are now blessed with adorable footage of the loving relationship between Froggy and Birdie.

It is just so sweet how the Great Dane is patient and gentle with this tiny pup!

People couldn't get enough of these two. @wendybirdlady was full of all the emotions when she posted her comment: "Oh my goodness. Her little growl is too cute. I’m officially obsessed with Frog. I have shown everyone her videos." Totally understandable! Who wouldn't want to see such a captivating video? Others praised Birdie for how gentle she is with the small pup while acknowledging how feisty Birdie is. @11ria put it best in their comment: "She may be raised by a Dane but she's all Chihuahua!"

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Several people made some great jokes about how funny their size difference and energy levels are. @purplebandaidz said, "Freshman girls when they try to beat up senior boys," and @midnightmike_ commented, "Meanwhile the puppy is having a whole Dark Souls boss fight," in reference to a popular action role-playing game. These comments are just too funny!

All that sass is sure to last Froggy a lifetime. Good thing she has Birdie to help mellow her out!

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