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Video of Great Dane Trying to Fit Into a Tiny Dog Bed Makes Us LOL

It’s always so funny when big dogs believe they’re small and that they can fit right in our laps. On the flip side, little pups think they’re the biggest animals in the world, which is why they tend to be yappers, putting up a facade that they’re tough and not meant to be messed with. We don’t know why this happens, but both cases always make us laugh. Plus, who is going to be the one to break the news to them?! 

TikTok doggy @kernelthegreat wanted to prove to his mom that he can do just about anything and that his size won't stop him! There was a tiny dog bed on the ground that Kernel the Great Dane apparently needed to lay on. The only problem was the bed could barely fit one of his legs. LOL! He was probably thinking, ‘Maybe, just maybe if I circle around the bed enough I can fit.’ Watch his determined attempt!

Ok, so maybe he didn’t REALLY fit, but we don’t want to be the ones to break the news to him! Kernel definitely didn’t look comfortable. He was like a smart-mouthed teenager who wanted to prove his parents wrong. That side-eye said it all, ‘I told you I could do it.’

“The circle dance is 100% effective at finding the perfect spot,” commented @A Maypole Mob. It must be because it seems like every dog does it! “Kernel, plz use your inside voice when throwing side-eye that was too loud,” added @Westley-Morgan Thatc. That was the worst side-eye we’ve ever seen! 

The best and most relatable comment comes from @Rantwith_Ang who said, “😂 Me trying to fit into my jeans.” HA! We all do that little circle, jump dance to squeeze into a pair of jeans. So based on Kernel’s logic, if we just circle around enough, maybe our pants will fit?! It’s definitely worth a shot.