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Video of Great Dane Learning to Wipe Her Mouth After Drinking Is Too Sweet

Many dogs love to learn new tricks (and earn treats), so teaching them new habits may not be as difficult as you think. Just ask @tiny_and_mini's mama! She's teaching her Great Dane girls how to wipe their mouths after drinking water, and it's the sweetest thing.

In a recent viral video, one of the pups, Mini, demonstrates her new skill with grace and confidence. We were shocked to read in the caption that it was only 'day 2' of practicing face wiping!

What a good girl! We love Mini's willingness to explore the snuffle mat almost as much as we love the irony of her name. We've been grinning ear-to-ear from the moment we started this video!

Many viewers, of course, were more impressed with this Great Dane than anything. @Natalieolson21 asked, "your dog drinks on command?" She sure does! As @local4806 replied, "It’s a very important thing, especially when out on walks and such, you don’t know what’s in puddles or random water bowls." Exactly--safety comes first!

Once you can trust your dog is hydrating from safe sources, you can find ways to make it less messy. We're on the exact same page as commenter @poetstormy who thinks, "snuffle rags are awesome," even if they're just one way to keep dogs from flooding the house after they drink.

@Drshushyourface also suggested "a no dribble water bowl you can try. It gives the dog a smaller area to drink from to reduce the drooling effect." It may not have been the right solution for Mini and her sister, but it's a genius idea!

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