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Great Dane's Sweet Reaction to Finally Having Her Own Baby Is Touching Hearts

One of the most heartbreaking things a mother could experience is the loss of her baby. Sometimes, when a female dog isn't spayed, they can experience false pregnancy where a change in hormones leads the dog to believe she is pregnant. When nothing comes from this false pregnancy, the dog can become distressed at the absence of puppies to care for. One Great Dane experienced a false pregnancy and her vet came up with the perfect solution.

TikTok user @dear_danes recently shared a video of her Great Dane, Birdie, and her journey dealing with a false pregnancy. Birdie's mom decided to get some puppies for her so she would not be stressed out and searching for puppies she never gave birth to. Check out the video to see Birdie healing from her false pregnancy and being an amazing mom to a group of rescued Chihuahua puppies!

OMG, this is just the sweetest solution to Birdie's problem! According to other videos on this TikTok page, Birdie's false pregnancy was very hard on her, so when their vet told Birdie's mom that he had three abandoned newborn Chihuahua puppies that needed a mom, Birdie was ready to adopt!

People in the comments are praising Birdie for being such an amazing momma! @katecruz218 said, "Danes are the best mommas. They’re so aware of their size when it comes to being around smaller pups too," and @totesandnotes commented, "Awwww, she’s going to be the best mummy! And those puppies are going to be well loved." Despite being abandoned immediately after birth, those puppies ended up very lucky with their outcome!

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Others think Birdie's mom rocks for taking on the care of three newborn puppies just to make Birdie happy. @fr3akxsh0wx commented, "Thats the cutest thing I have seen all day. It's so nice of you to give her a baby instead of letting her suffer without any." Another user, @kated522, said, "You are absolutely amazing to do this for her. This is what true love looks like." All we want as dog moms is for our fur babies to be happy, and this mom did what she needed to do for Birdie.

We are so relieved that Birdie and her adopted babies found each other so everyone can have a happy ending. The universe brought this unusual family together to heal from their experiences as one.

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