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Great Pyrenees' Dad Finds Him Barking Up a Storm and the Reason Is Hysterical

Dogs can be very territorial, and they don't like it when strange animals invade their yard, including other dogs. This can lead to some barking and an intense stand off between the dog and the visitor, just like one pup did in this hilarious video.

TikTok user @jasonrossman recently shared a video of his Great Pyrenees, Zshopa, barking relentlessly in the backyard. Dad went to go check what all the ruckus was about but didn't notice anything out of the ordinary at first. Then, he noticed an intruder in the yard. Check out the video to see why this standoff between Zshopa and the intruder is so funny!

LOL, this pup was barking at herself! She saw her reflection in the window of the house on the other side of the yard and assumed another dog had entered her domain. She wouldn't stand for any unauthorized guests!

People in the comments found this hilarious. @ekcstanford said, '"Handsome sob" made me laugh so hard,' and @missmi1122 commented, "Gotta show him who the boss is LOL!" It's so funny to think that Zshopa was barking at this strange dog to get out of the yard but couldn't figure out why they wouldn't leave!

Others shared stories of their own dogs doing the same thing. @ferretjubelle commented, "My Great Pyrenees noticed his reflection for the first time the other day. Barked for an hour straight about it." Another user, @larsrulestheworld, said, "My shepherd thought another shepherd lived in our oven for the first 6 months of his life." It definitely seems like it takes our goofy pups some time to understand the concept of a reflective surface!

We are so glad Zshopa's dad shared this hysterical video with us. There's plenty of people who have seen this silly behavior in their own pups, but it still never gets old!

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