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Video of Great Pyrenees Comforting Scared Foster Puppy Is Full of Pure Love

Foster homes can be wonderful places for so many rescue pups, especially if they're still learning 'how to dog' after a life of struggle and fear. In some cases, it can help even more to have a foster sibling around to show their new friends the ropes. Even if a dog is wary of people, they may find comfort--and even confidence--in other dogs. 

That's exactly what happened when @tracyfosterling brought home her new foster puppy; her Great Pyrenees took over as big sister, and the rest is history! The pit bull pup may still have a lot of healing to do, but watching him find comfort in his big sis is oh-so-special.

What a good girl! That Pyrenees knows she needs to be gentle and patient with her new little brother, and she's excelling at it. We wish every foster dog could have a friend like her!

"Pyrs are great dogs when it comes to socializing foster dogs!" agreed commenter @the_whole_sheanigans. It sure seems like it! Tracy replied, "Out of my 4, she is the most trustworthy with new dogs and cats. The most sociable for sure!" It seems to us like she could be a full-time foster sis! She's certainly cut out for the job.

Tons of commenters had positive things to say about the gentle giant breed as well. @Superduperdoll reminded us that "great pyrenees are so welcoming," while dog mom @dizzy16165 shared, "This makes me want to get of of bed and curl up with my Pyr in his dog bed." That's so sweet! If they're anything like this sweet girl, they'll love the midnight cuddles.

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