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Great Pyrenees Gets Embarrassed After Being Caught Howling at Sirens in Precious Video

Even dogs have their embarrassing moments. It's just that we don't often catch it on camera. But that's not the story for one 8-year-old Great Pyrenees rescue, who will probably have to relive his own humiliating moment forever after his owner captured it with her phone. 

Poor Sully. All he really wanted was some privacy so he could let out a howl in peace. Is that too much to ask? Well, apparently yes. Seeing as how his owner @sullythepyrpup just happened to have her camera on her and was watching the entire time. Sully's howls aren't what they use to be. And the sounds he let out were just a touch underwhelming. Okay, they were quiet. Which isn't how it's supposed to be. Suddenly, Sully realized that he was being watched, leading to even more hilarity. "He got embarrassed when he saw the camera," his owner wrote in the video's caption. The look on Sully's face is too funny. Priceless!

The comments section was cracking up. "He has just attained such high notes that they are now inaudible to your inferior human ears," @caddy140 suggested. "At the end he's saying, 'really mom, seriously,'" @xxlovablelozerxx teased. "Some might say he got shook?" @justinbrine88 added. "It sounds like his said 'never mind' at the end," @the.1beth wrote. 

Elsewhere on the pup's page, his owner showed off what his howl used to sound like. Proving that the change was recent. "An old video from last year to show his louder howl. It started becoming more 'silent' a few months ago," she explained. 

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But we think the real test is if other dogs can hear him. He might just be trying to have a private conversation with his friends.

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