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Video of Great Pyrenees Hiding From Her Puppies to Get a Break Is Just the Best

This one is for the moms! You've got the most important job in the world, and sometimes, you just need a break. We get it! And so does Willow the Great Pyrenees,  who's still getting used to motherhood herself. 

TikTok has fallen in love with Willow and her pups on her human mama, @haley.kales's popular account, but the real fun is just getting started. It hasn't been long since the puppies were born, and her followers are eating up every minute of it. New mom Willow, though? Not so much. Check out the lengths she went to just to get a much-needed break.

It never fails to amaze us how dogs are relatable AF without even trying. From her perfectly chosen hiding spot to that still-as-a-statue pose, everything about her vibe says "I just need a break." Girl, you deserve one!

We also loved @sunflowerdaffodil's interpretation of the moment: "The dog equivalent of hiding the pantry with a box of mini chocolates. Just need a moment of peace." Now that sounds like a break. 

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As it turns out, we weren't the only ones to see a bit of ourselves in Mama Willow's shenanigans. Commenter @samirobles92 said, "Honestly, as a mom, I get it 😂." Over 500 folks who liked the comment agree! No matter what species you are, motherhood is an exhausting job. 

"I feel the same way when my husband gets home and I run away from my kids," wrote @chicannaa. Now that she mentions it, maybe Willow felt able to take a break because her human mama Haley was nearby. If so, that's a huge sign of trust between dog and owner. How sweet! 

People definitely have a lesson or two to learn from our furry friends, including not overworking ourselves. We're on @christinaoops team, who praises Willow's will and trust in herself. "Self care… I love that she instinctively knows she needs a break and takes it!!" We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

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