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Great Pyrenees' Reaction to Being Separated From New Puppy Sibling Is Just Pitiful

When bringing a new puppy into the family, it can be a little hard for your old dog to adjust. It’s not that they aren’t excited, it’s that sometimes that excitement can be a little overwhelming. Unfortunately for Great Pyrenees, this meant that his mom had to get creative when trying to potty train her new dog, and the results are internet gold.

As a video on TikTok shows, Shadow has to be locked in the garage because he was getting too rambunctious. “I had to shut Shadow in the garage. So he’d leave the new puppy alone while he peed,” his mom @thewanderingfarmhouse wrote in the video’s onscreen text. “Are you sad?” his mom asks in the footage, before adding in the caption that Shadow “loves to play” and “wasn’t happy he was missing out.” Just wait until you see the look on his face.

OMG. This poor boy! The video has since been watched 1.7 million times and some people joked that they could feel Shadow’s pain. “That’s not a dog, that’s a human with real feelings,” @missyaustin4 wrote. “OMG! He answered you! That is the highest level of ‘poor pitiful me’ I have ever seen from a floofy baby!,” @natashajustme agreed. “Is this a Sarah McLaughlin commercial?! 😂 He’s so freakin cuuuuute,” @pilsburygrl joked.

But don’t worry too hard about Shadow. In a second video on his TikTok page, his mom showed that shortly after he was let out of the garage. “Update…Shadow is a free boy!” she wrote. 

Hooray, now he can go back to business and play with the new pups. Go Shadow, go!