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Video of Great Pyrenees 'Singing' Along to Taylor Swift Is Priceless

There are very few things that will get us up from an afternoon nap. And the same goes for dogs. One could say it's even more difficult for dogs to get up considering they sleep most of the day. LOL! 

Food usually does the trick, for both us and dogs. But for TikTok doggo @alfi_the_great, it's not food. The only thing that gets this Great Pyrenees out of a slumber is when his favorite song starts playing. Check it out!  

Aww! Alfi immediately got up as his favorite Taylor Swift song was playing. Not only did he get up, but he also walked to the beat and started singing along. The little yawns throughout the song had us cracking up. He's very dedicated to performing his favorite song even though he was so sleepy! 

"Taylor, we got your backup singer right here," commented @the.wizard.of.cats. He's been practicing night and day for this opportunity! @brookecole wrote, "He's saying, 'Did you get me a ticket to the Eras Tour?'" He needs a ticket just in case he doesn't get hired to go on tour. LOL! So many people are struggling to get tickets, but Alfi is the most deserving of them all. Get this good boy tickets right this instant!

@sapphirealexis119 said, "Oh, I know how hard it is to get them to move." Getting any dog to move takes a lot of effort. Guess next time we just need to put on some Taylor Swift and that should be enough. LOL! 


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