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Greyhound With Microchip Turns Up at L.A. Shelter and His Owners 'Might Not Come for Him'

For most dog owners, out greatest fear is losing our dogs outside and not being able to find them, and many will put microchips in their furry friends so people know who to contact if someone finds their lost dog. One lost dog was recently found by a shelter in Los Angeles, but when the shelter contacted the owners on the microchip, their reaction was very unexpected.

TikTok user @punk213k recently shared a video of a Greyhound named King who was found by the shelter he works at in Los Angeles after King was hit by a car. In the video, this user says that when they contacted King's owners, they said they "might not come for him," which just sounds crazy to us! Check out the video to see how sweet this dog is and understand why we're so surprised King's parents aren't rushing to pick him up.

Wow, King is such a beautiful dog, we are astounded his owners would just leave him at the shelter! We don't understand why they would get him microchiped if they can't be bothered to pick him up. Hopefully, King makes a full recovery from his accident and gets a happy ending!

People in the comments are just as surprised as we are by his owner's nonchalant reaction. @janetshaven said, "I cannot imagine the owner's not coming for him. He is beautiful and sweet." Another user, @jakthis11, commented, "People have never deserved dogs…especially this sweet pup." We can't understand his owner's decision either!

Others are amazed at this pup's beauty. @rebeccahulls commented, "OMG! What a beautiful baby," and @iustissu said, "What a gorgeous boy. I hope he gets a better family." King will find the right people to love him in no time with a face like his!

We hope King knows that it's not his fault his previous family doesn't want him anymore. Thankfully, the wonderful staff at the Los Angeles Animal Services seem to be taking good care of him in the meantime.

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