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Viral Video of Greyhound and Pug Seeing Their New Back Yard for the First Time Is So Beautiful

Parents always want to give the best to their children. And yes, that of course includes pet children. Luckily, it's relatively easy to give your fur baby the world. Sometimes all it takes is a backyard. 

For example, the parents of TikTok dog @milliethenoodlehorse recently moved to a new home. They've moved twice since adopting their Greyhound named Millie, but each time Millie didn't have a backyard. So in this clip, which has brought in over 6.5 million views, Millie is in for a very sweet surprise. 

Aww! Our hearts were breaking at first seeing Millie so sad about the move, but it all worked out in the end. Safe to say Millie loooves her new home! LOL! Even her Pug sibling is loving it too. "The fact that the pug tried to keep up 😂," said @smokeyandmaia. Ha! She was trying so hard to keep up with the fast-as-lightning Millie! 

"Nothing is better than a dog getting the back yard they deserve ♥️," wrote @ceb_3. Truly there's nothing better! @ignorethisjustwatch added, "I bet she loves the yard! So much room to roam around in!" Can't you tell how much she's enjoying it? She was off! The creator even said that she's in noodle heaven. LOL! Well, she very much deserved this space after all those moves! 

Even the official TikTok account for Bark Box, @bark, commented, "Welcome home Millie!!!" A huge welcome home from all of us. Enjoy all the space, Millie!


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