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Greyhound's Sweet Bond With Her Pug Sister Is a Serious Timeline Cleanse

Thank goodness we have photo and video capabilities in the palm of our hands. Because without it, how would parents capture the precious moments that happen between siblings? Especially if they aren't ones who normally get along, a quick snap of the phone will be a cherished memory forever. And for pet owners, these pictures and videos will prove to the doubters that two unlikely animals can be best friends. 

One dog owner wanted to get their Greyhound a friend. But people were saying not to get a small dog as they wouldn't be compatible. But of course, that didn't stop this owner. They ended up getting their Greyhound, known on TikTok as @milliethenoodlehorse, a little sister pug to play with. The result is perfection. And the creator has the photos and videos to prove it. The creator wrote in the comments, "This is your sign to get your big dog a snoot rest." Watch the clip and see what we mean by snoot rest. LOL! 

Aww! They were instant BFFs! So whoever told this creator not to get a small dog when they already had a Greyhound was absolutely wrong. The way they play and snuggle together, it's as if they were meant to be together! "I'm convinced that dogs don't understand size and think that all other dogs are just friends no matter what," commented @haydenh995. Oh, absolutely! Friends can come in all shapes and sizes and this duo clearly proves that!

"Love this! Such an adorable pair!" said @bearsbeetsbroccoli. Yes, yes, yes! It's not too often you see a Greyhound and a pug, but the result is full-on adorableness. "Buddies forever!" added @wendyshoemaker246. We hope the family wasn't expecting the pug to be for them because this is clearly Millie's dog. LOL! 

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Please tell us you saw the snoot rest at the very end. What an amazing moment the creator captured, which has us thinking exactly what @ribbetgoesthefrog33 is thinking. The comment reads, "Maybe I should get my dogs a headrest 🤔." LOL! A snoot rest and a new BFF! What more could your pup ask for?!

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