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Video of Rescued Greyhound Slowly Starting to Trust Her Owners Is So Moving

When you first start caring for a rescue animal, it might feel like you aren't getting anywhere— especially if they've suffered from trauma and abuse in their old home. But it's the small breakthroughs that can really help you stay positive. Like the recent victory one couple had with their rescue Greyhound. The two were so moved by little Dorothy's growth that they decided to share it online. 

The couple, who goes by @sizzleastro online, are fostering Dorothy and explained elsewhere on their page that the pup was mistreated in the past. That means that Dorothy is a little hesitant around humans and has been living outside at her new foster parents' house. That is until recently, when she decided to face her fears and attempted to enter their home. And just watching her try and be a brave little pup will put an instant smile on your face. 

Ultimately, Dorothy didn't quite make it all the way in. But as the over 368,000 people who watched her video noted, it was the effort that really mattered. "Slow and steady, little girl," @ssiicc9.0 wrote. "If only we could fast forward through their trauma to tell them how much they are safe and loved," @janiscronin chimed in. "Look at her go! She's learning, slow and steady, to trust," @robert_the_greyhound added. 

While another commenter, @ashnson promised this was a sign of good things to come. "Such a brave and sweet lil girl! She’ll be walking in like she owns and he place in no time!" she wrote. 

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It might not happen overnight, but one day Dorothy will trust her foster parents. It just takes a lot of love and understanding — but we think these two humans have that covered.

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