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Video of Dog Reacting to New Puppy After Grieving the Loss of His Brother Is So Beautiful

In a recent post we did here on PetHelpful, we talked about a dog who was painfully grieving after losing his brother and best friend, which is so understandable. His dog brother Bahloo lost his battle with cancer, and ever since Bahloo's passing, Max has been grieving hard. 

It's so hard to overcome the feeling of loss, especially for animals who don't understand it. Max was so upset, he was even shaking, which was so difficult for his parents to witness.

So to help with the grieving process, Max's parents thought it was time for a new addition to the family.   

TikTok user @amb_ie shared a clip of Max meeting his new puppy brother, Louie. His parents decided to name him Louie, or Loo for short. They got the name from The Jungle Book - King Louie and Bahloo. The two of them just met, and Max's reaction to the new Golden Retriever has the tears flowing! 

Why are we crying so much?! This is just too sweet, and we're so glad to see that Max finally has a happy ending. We just know this new puppy will not only help Max but the whole family with grieving Bahloo. And to the family, don't worry, Bahloo will always be remembered by all of us! 

"I read somewhere that pets can "transfer" their spirit into future pets. Bahloo is with you always 💕," commented @Bella Benavides. O.M.G. Why does she have us crying even more?! This is so sweet, and we 100% Bahloo is showing himself in the new pup. @Maria

The two of them became instant best friends! In the video, it says that Max is even playing again. Aww! Louie is already helping. "Did he stop shaking once the puppy came?" asked another commenter. The creator responded by saying, "He normally only shakes when I put him outside, but hasn’t yet!" We're just so happy to hear that Max is healing, and we can't wait to his and Louie's friendship grow even more.