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Friends' Thoughtful Gift for Grieving Dog Mom Has Us in Tears

Every pet parent dreads the day that we have to say a final goodbye to our fur babies. Grieving a beloved pet is never an easy process, but it is easier to heal with the love and support of your friends. One woman recently lost her dog and came home to a touching surprise from some friends waiting for her.

TikTok user @woofandwonder has a small business making and selling dog accessories, and she recently lost her French Bulldog, Handsome. She shared a video on her account opening a mystery package that showed up on her porch one evening, which was revealed to be a heartwarming gesture of kindness and compassion from her friends, who are also small business owners. Check out the video to see what lovely items were in the box!

Oh my goodness, we can't stop crying! These items are all wonderful ways to honor and commemorate Handsome. This is an unbelievably kind thing for her friends to do as she grieves her pup. We know she greatly appreciated their generosity and will cherish these items forever!

Many people in the comments were impressed by the kindness of her friends. @lovelysoulcreations said, "This is so beautiful. Both you and Handsome are loved by so many!" and @libbyslimitlesslife commented, "What an absolutely beautiful act of kindness. I’m so sorry for your loss... Sending virtual hugs!" We hope everyone has friends as great as this woman's friends!

Others were glad that this gift was able to heal some of the pain from loosing Handsome. @hilonkuna commented, "I am SO happy you had a healing moment. Grief is a tricky beast. I’m so glad you got to rest from the heartache for a moment!" and @shopbybrie said, "How very special. Take it one day at a time." Grief is made easier when you are distracted by the love your friends show you!

Losing a furry friend is a special kind of pain. We hope these gifts serve as a reminder for this woman that Handsome will always be with her in her heart!

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