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Video of a Pomeranian Deflating While Getting Groomed Is a Must-Watch

All dogs are beautiful dogs! All dog lovers can agree with this statement. However, any dog lover of certain long haired breeds of dogs can also agree with this statement: long haired dogs look totally goofy when they are soaking wet. It's like you have this beautiful fluffy dog and you get them wet and they suddenly turn into this scrawny drowned rat. 

Just look at the video that @Girlwiththedogs posted of Pomeranian JoJo Getting groomed. The before and after is ummm.. something else. 

LOL! Want to see a Pomeranian deflate? Just add water! @KyndallBennet says , "Sweet Little Raccoon Puppy" OMG!" @Racheldiamond adds "I’ve never been a huge fan of poms, but this makes me want one. So cute."@Tinabudd posts "I love Pomeranians they are so cute and you can shrink them lmao!" 

Other that the fact that little JoJo is freaking adorable, there are some great tips in this video, such as getting your dog used to standard grooming tools like brushes and hair dryers when they are a puppy. That will just make your groomer's time with your dog that much easier for both of them. 

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