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Video of Guard Donkey Loyally Protecting His Herd Is Going Viral

We've never really thought to put donkey and guard in the same sentence, but a recent viral video has us changing our ways. TikTok user @thisismycircus0 shared a clip 2 days ago that already has over 2.1 million views. In the video, her donkey named Waffles knew what he had to do to protect the herd. 

Waffle’s owners were out mowing the pasture on a riding mower, which he has never come across before. And to be fair, a loud-moving, unknown object can be scary! Waffles felt that the mower was unsafe, just like a dog thinks vacuums are unsafe, so he ran to warn the herd. He did what any good guard would do. Once you see how he rounds up the herd, you’ll see why we can now put donkey and guard in the same sentence! Waffles definitely earned the title of best guard donkey. 

Go Waffles, go! What a good boy for protecting the herd, even though the mower wouldn’t have hurt them. He was still alert. And it’s better to be safe than sorry! Waffles circles around the herd to make sure he got every last animal. It was so cute how the entire herd just trusted him! Hey, we’d trust Waffles, too!

“He said, ‘Wrap it up boys, I don’t know what that thing is and I ain’t fixing to find out,’” commented @watch4zombies. Has no one else seen a mower before that they could have told Waffles not to be scared?! LOL. Apparently not because they all left with him! @MileHighGrim added, “Waffles is like we out 😂.” No hesitation at all! 

We’re laughing at how Waffles decided to get to the herd though. He took the path that was already cut, LOL! @Ziegler Monster said, “Bro ran around the tall grass 😂.” Maybe not the fastest way to go, haha, but @user439943 pointed out that the tall grass could have been like a Jurassic Park danger. So true! It doesn’t matter how he rounded up the herd, he did it anyway, and that’s all that matters.