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Video of Guide Dog Graduating College With Her Mom Has People in Tears

It’s graduation season. That means it’s time to celebrate students’ years of hard work, studying, and time put into earning a degree. It’s an accomplishment that should always be recognized, no matter who is graduating or where they are graduating from. But we think one graduation, in particular, this season should be met with an extra round of applause. Oops, sorry we meant “ap-PAWS.” 

This graduate stands out to everyone, as she attended every single class over the past four years. And trust us, that’s no easy task! Not only did she go to class, but she also brought her owner to class. We’re talking about the very good girl, guide dog O'Hara, also known as @my.eyes.ohara on TikTok. O'Hara accompanied her owner Bella to class as she was pursuing a Biology degree. So it only felt right that O'Hara accompanied her across that stage to round out her college career.

Aww! We’re so proud of both Bella and O’Hara for this amazing accomplishment. It’s tradition to wear a cap and gown, a symbol of graduation. So of course, O’Hara needed her own cap and gown, too, and she looked perfect. She wore it so proudly as she walked with her owner across that stage. Bella even moved O’Hara’s tassel for her at the end. 

The crowd was going wild, and now, all of TikTok is, too! “Congratulations! The tail wag & roaring applause was amazing. Way to go Bella & O’Hara!” said @ksucrews. We’ve never heard a cheer this loud. O’Hara seemed to know that she earned that diploma! @pichonlrr added, “She wagged her tail when they mentioned she went to every class 😂,  She was like, ‘Yes I did!’” She was not only proud of herself, she was proud of her owner, too. @authormeghanmonarch wrote, “The way she looked up at you getting your degree.” We can’t stop crying over how adorable this is. Way to go!