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Guinea Pig's Adorable Bat Halloween Costume Is Pure Internet Gold

Everyone loves a good Halloween costume, and as the end of October approaches, we have seen some great costumes that will be perfect for the holiday. Some animals are even getting in the spooky spirit with their own costumes, which just adds an extra layer of cuteness. One animal is impressing people in his costume that is sure to make you fall in love!

TikTok user @pink.n.reg is the proud owner of 19 guinea pigs, and in a recent video, they shared one of their babies dressed up in his Halloween costume. This all black guinea pig is masquerading as a bat by wearing some tiny wings, and we can't get enough. Check out the video to see this precious costume in all of it's glory!

OMG, we are in love with this guinea pig! He looks adorable in his costume and know he will be the talk of his herd. What a great idea from his owner!

People in the comments are loving this costume. @abbs..082008 said, "Awww, such a cute bat!" and @azlobo2012 commented, "Oh my goodness, what a cute and not aerodynamic bat boy!" This costume is so cute that we could watch this video on repeat for hours!

Others shared their costume preparation plans for their pets. @sheilaread67 commented, "Just got the felt to make bat wings for my cats," and many others tagged their friends in the comments demanding they dress their black puts up in a similar fashion. We certainly hope this becomes a trend in time for Halloween!

We hope this is the first of many guinea pig Halloween costumes to show up on our TikTok feed this season. We want to see some of these little guys dressed up as vampires and werewolves next!

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