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Video Highlighting 'Guinea Pig Crisis' in New York City Is a Huge Wake-Up Call

We very rarely pay attention to what happens to abandoned animals, but a new video on TikTok is show this tragic reality for a large group of guinea pigs. According to the Animal Care Centers of NYC (@nycacc) the amount of guinea pigs that have been given up is staggering. So here is some good information for how we can all help.

"Did you know that there's a guinea pig crises in NYC?" the video's text overlay reads. 

"Just today, ACC rescued 22 guinea pigs that were dumped in a building lobby. Five of which were pregnant," the video's voiceover explained. "Roughly 600 were dropped off just this year and almost all of them are younger than 3 years old," she added. 

The woman explained that many of these guinea pigs were "impulse pandemic purchases" and while New York City is trying to ban the sale of Guinea Pigs in pet stores, for now many of these animals need new homes. 

People in the comments section were shocked. "I wish I was in NYC! I love guinea pigs so much. I hope all these sweet babies find loving homes!" @usermnttbrywlw wrote. "Shake my head, this is sad. If I had more space I would take in more. I have eight. They are such good pets," @infinitelove_91 added. "I hope you can find forever homes or fosters. It’s really sad how many people impulsively bought Guinea pigs, bunnies, cats and then dumped them," @adoptablesnyc agreed.

You can help out by contacting and fostering or adopting a guinea pig today!

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