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Guinea Pig's Mesmerized Reaction to YouTube Video of Dancing Vegetables Is Just Precious

There are so many dogs who love to watch TV and cats who can't get enough of their cartoons, but did you know guinea pigs have their favorite shows, too? Apparently, some of them just can't resist the allure of the screen. In a TikTok video that was shared by @mr_hobnob, you'll get to meet one particular guinea pig who has an affinity for vegetables. Dancing vegetables, that is. 

In the clip, you'll see this cute little guy sitting in front of a laptop -- with a stuffed carrot in front of him, nonetheless -- while watching a video of carrots, broccoli, peas, and radishes dancing on the screen. To say he's completely mesmerized by the program is an understatement.

How cute is this video?! (And who else wants to run right out and get a guinea pig?) People can't get enough of this sweet little guy. @Sherly said, "I think his favorite is the carrot 🤔." And @imperfectfoods added, "A veggie lover!" Even PetSmart responded to the caption on the clip, which reads, "He's mesmerized." They said, "So are we. 😳" 

Quite a few people asked for the name of the video and want to show it to their own guinea pigs. Supposedly it's called, "Happy Bear Sensory Funky Veggies on YouTube." While we can't know what made the guinea pig's owner decide to try putting it on, we're sure glad they did! If you can't find pleasure in watching a furry little friend enjoy his favorite show, then we really don't know what else to say. 

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