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Video of Two Guinea Pigs Enjoying the Sound of the Rain Is So Satisfying

Is there anything better than a summer storm? Or better yet, is there better than enjoying a summer storm with your BFF? Just take a look at two guinea pigs on TikTok, who won the internet for the day after a video of them watching the rain went viral. 

Life is never boring with guinea pigs Buff and Conan. The two are always up to something, whether that's running around in the backyard or settling in for a snack. But the pair recently became an internet sensation after they were caught enjoying a moment of zen during a storm. And trust us, you'll want to take a look. The pets had a front row view on the falling rain in a video shared on the @titorenogpigs TikTok page. Check out their little cuddle as they gaze outside. "Dutch summer," the video's caption reads. Sounds perfectly dreamy to us.

The video has been watched over 240,000 times and people were in love with the cozy video. "Oh to be two guinea pigs watching the rain together," @vizefrog17 mused. "This is just too precious," @user18192856093047 wrote. "Oh sweet, sweet babies!! I would love to just sit beside them with a blanket and a lovely book and then we could snuggle," @sam__thewise added. "Living a better life than me," @speedway.22 chirped.

Another video on their page showed the pigs having a blast on a sunny day. Their owner has clearly made his backyard into a Guinea Pig paradise! Take a look at the tiny village their owners made for them to play in — it includes a tent, too!

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Whether it be fun in the sun or taking it all in during a storm, these two are surely living the good life.

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