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Video of Guinea Pigs Quietly Watching the Rain Couldn't Be More Satisfying

No matter how dark and gloomy it gets, there is something so soothing about the rain. It just melts all of our stress away. We know that's how two guinea pigs must've been feeling when they sat by the door together taking in a storm. The video, later shared on their TikTok page @titorenogpigs, shows the two taking it all in. It's no exaggeration to say that after watching the footage we feel so at peace.

The page shares clips from a self-described "guinea pig capital." And judging by the many clips of the animals living their best life on the page, we'd have to agree. A recent video showed two of the guinea pigs taking in a rain storm — and yep, they look as happy as can be. Look at how intently they're staring out into the rain!

"Refreshing," the video's caption reads. 

With over 340,000 views, it seems like everyone needed this moment of zen. "I love these little guys," @dawnkenyon1 wrote. "When a guinea pig has a better romantic life than yourself," @nordicsmith joked. "They're like: 'Let's stay in the house today!'" @ichbingroot80 kidded. "I love rain. I’d be lying right there with them. It would be heaven - guinea pigs and rain," @constanceannjones added. 

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Of course, the guinea pigs have lots of adventures when the weather is better outside too! Just like in another video on their page, where the two were caught dozing outside. "Yawn, sleep, eat, repeat," the video's caption reads. 

The video shows the two snacking, which is another very important part of their day. So sweet!

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