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Fun Halloween Craft to Do With Dogs Is a Must for October

A lot of people consider their dogs to be their kids. They love celebrating holidays with them, they dress them in adorable outfits, and they take them everywhere they're allowed. We love our dogs! They are our babies! 

Another super fun and cute way to celebrate your dog being your dog is to commemorate their first Halloween by making a cute pumpkin craft with them. Using a small tile or canvas and some non-toxic paints you can use their sweet little paws to create something you'll cherish forever. That's what @Utahdoodles did with her puppy Ursula in the following video. 

Just look at how adorable this is!

People are loving how crafty gorgeous Ursula is! @Archandizzy6 posts, "Oh my gosh so cute my friend!" @Mariana adds, "Ok Ursula is a cutie! Cannot get over those eyes!" Her eyes are so stunning! @Ashleyhoopes says "Sooo cute!! And a great way to remember how tiny their paws were as little puppies!" 

This is such a cute craft to do with your dog at Halloween. Just remember to use nontoxic paint (Anything safe for toddlers should be fine for your pupper too) and wash their paws well after doing so. Such a fun idea to celebrate fall!

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