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Woman's Sweet Little Hamster Who Acts Like a Dog Has Everyone Falling in Love

When most people think about hamsters, they picture colorful tubes and exercise wheels. Maybe even one of those hamster balls that lets them roam the house! These are certainly the most popular accessories for these tiny rodents, but they're not the only options. 

For sweet little Oscar, the whole house is his hamster ball! He's the beloved pet of TikTok user @skyecotter, and we just adore the ways he gets to explore and interact. He's exactly like a little dog! Skye frequently shares videos to show viewers "how clever hamsters actually are," and we are absolutely here for it. 

This little guy is so loved! His life must be filled with endless enrichment with such a large space to explore. And did you get a look at that exercise wheel? It's really no surprise that commenters are loving Oscar's little setup.

"I wish, with everything I have, that hamsters round the world received this much love and care 🥰," @annamarie202020 commented on the video. Right? We're sure a lot of hamster owners just don't think free-roaming is an option, and we totally get it! Even Skye said it took a lot of effort to get to this point. 

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"I'm in a static home so it's not huge which makes this easier," she explained, "& penny showed me all escape routes so it's now 100% safe 😂 took me a while to figure it out. I think it definitely depends on your hamster aswell 🥰." That does sound like a lot of work! Penny must be one of Skye's previous hamsters, so we encourage owners not to get frustrated. Even experienced pet parents need time to make something work! 

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