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Hamster Feasting at a Miniature Picnic Makes Us Want to Join in On the Fun

The things people do for their pets never ceases to amaze us. Pet owners really go above and beyond to give their furry loved ones the best life. From tricked out cat hotels to doggy spa days and even pet outfits. Our four-legged friends are out here living a better life than we are! But we don't mind. They deserve it! And we bet all of these pet parents who do it have no regrets for giving them the best of the best.  

We recently came across another adorable pet that is out here living a life of luxury and we're here for it! Known on TikTok as @thehamsterstation, this hamster is living a high-class life by getting speciality meals made for him. All the meals look better than what we can make! And not only does he get special dinners, but his owner goes all out by setting up a tiny picnic table to feast. It's so adorable you'll be wanting to join him in a heartbeat!  

O.M.G. We never knew we needed to see a hamster having a picnic, but now we need it on the daily. We could watch him eat every single meal. It's just too cute! We can't get over all the tininess of the picnic props. From the turf, to the tiny table and the miniature plates. And don't even get us started on that tiny mocktail-looking drink! Ugh, now we want one! 

Even the official account for the Chicago Bears asked, "Can we join the next picnic?" No, no, no, no. We were in line first! LOL! Ok maybe the hamster's chef can accommodate all of us coming to the next picnic. Another high-profile account, Walmart, commented saying, "This is the kind of content the internet was made for." Ain't that the truth! We'll watch pets getting spoiled any time, any day of the week! @Jenna Jones wrote, "He has better manners than my kids." Right?! We've never seen someone, or something, eat spaghetti so cleanly. 

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The only thing we're waiting on is to find out if the hamster used the straw. Because if he did, it's game over! That would be hands down the cutest thing to ever cross through TikTok.

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