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Dog and Toddler Watch Video of 'Hamsters Doing Escape Rooms' and It's Priceless

One smart mama is getting a lot of attention on TikTok for finding the perfect way to keep both her dog and her toddler-age daughter entertained. All it took was a TV and something truly fascinating to watch: hamsters in escape rooms. @Mbroadbent2306 likely didn't expect this kind of reaction from her 1-year-old (or her pug) when she turned on the videos, but what she found is too cute to handle!

We adore the way her kiddo is riveted by the hamster video, but our favorite detail is the pug, Penny's reaction. Even she's invested in the outcome!

LOL! These two besties are definitely into the video, and we're so glad their mama stopped to take a video. It's a priceless moment! According to other pug parents, though, this may not be all that unusual.

"I swear pugs get soooo invested in the tv," wrote commenter @emmalouise_94. "My sister’s barks at the animals on the telly." How cute is that? It's canine entertainment without having to leave home! We bet @mbroadbent2306 was just as excited to find this 'mom hack' when she discovered that both of her babies loved watching the hamsters.

Of course, there is also concern over the ethicality of hamster escape rooms, so it's important to do a bit of research before choosing which channels to support. Just like @lxurenay suggested, "some of them are cruel so be picky." Before you get too worried, though, some of the 'escape rooms' can be enriching for hamsters, too--so there are good ones out there!

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