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Harbor Seal's Birthday Celebration at the 'Seattle Aquarium' Is One Serious Timeline Cleanse

Look, we're not ashamed to admit that we didn't get an invite to a Barney the seal's birthday party. But after seeing video of the birthday bash, we sure wish we did. The Harbor Seal celebrated turning the big 3-7 in style, as can be seen on the Seattle Aquarium's TikTok page @seattleaquarium_official

Thirty-seven has never looked better — and you definitely need to see the way that employees of the aquarium celebrated Barney's birthday. The footage shows the seal laying right in front of a giant birthday sign that was made for him — including the coolest birthday cake we've ever seen. "Frozen fish birthday cake," the video's text overlay reads. Yep, you read that right! Of course, we might before something a little sweeter — but it was the perfect cake for Barney and his other party guests. "Birthday party with Hogan and Casey," it continues. 

After all that partying, Barney understandably needed a little time out. "Rest time for the birthday boy," the text overlay reads before the video ends.  

People in the comments section wished the seal a very happy birthday. "AHHHHHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARNEY I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU," exclaimed. "Awww HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You and your friends are so cute, sharing it together," @beautynoveau agreed. "You’re telling me that baby is older than me?" @hahshddjusism joked. 

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And many people, like commenter @avaohb, were also impressed by Barney's old age. "Thirty-seven years old?? How old do they get?" she wondered. 

To which a representative explained that the "Median age for males is 25-26, but females often get up to 35! As a male though, Barney is pushing boundaries," they wrote. 

Here's hoping that Barney will have many, many more birthdays. Now can we get an invite for next year's bash?

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