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Video of Hawks Circling and Looking for Woman’s Chihuahua Is Pretty Terrifying

Having a small dog comes with its own special problems. One of which was recently show in a viral video on TikTok. Caroline Tusiuk (@carolinetusiuk) was absolutely freaked when she saw two hawks circling the sky above her tiny Chihuahua. And honestly, we don't blame her. Thankfully she was there before her dog got seriously hurt.

Tusiuk only recently got her new puppy Willy, but as a new mom she's on high alert for any danger. As the footage she shared on her page shows, she was holding Willy to keep him away while the birds flew overhead. "I was letting my 3 lb. puppy play in the backyard," she wrote in the video's onscreen text overlay. "The fact that these hawks are searching for Willy right now," she says from off-screen. "Look they're all coming," a female friend can be heard saying in the background. And by the looks of things, it was getting pretty scary over there. "IMMEDIATELY NO," she wrote in the caption.

Again, Tusiuk grabbed Willy and had him safely in her arms. But hundreds of people wrote in and shared how worried they were after seeing the mom's footage. "It has literally never occurred to me that big birds might come for little dogs," @janethsglam wrote. "Tell me why I instinctively said 'oh no…' and hugged my 75 pound mutt like he was in danger," @marielam916 agreed. "My worst fear is losing one of my doggies to a big bird," @sitamama02 added. 

While some people offered advice. "Keep him on a runner and stand outside with him next to him. This happens with my Yorkie too!" @jessielynn1411 suggested. "You need to get him one of those studded vests," @divinelyjulie advised. 

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This video is a good reminder that you always need to be aware of your dog's surroundings. You never know what can happen.

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