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Video of Heeler Dog Trying to Round Up Kittens Couldn't Be Any Better

Being in charge of little ones, pets or babies, is a full-time job. Whether your the parent, pawrent or babysitting, you know it's no easy task, especially when there's more than one. If you're watching over a human baby, luckily it's just one at a time, normally. But when it comes to pets, watch out because different litters can be a few babies at a time. And once those four-legged cuties start roaming around, it's almost impossible to get them all to listen. 

One Heeler dog learned the hard way how difficult it is to keep babies in line. And it wasn't even her babies! The dog named Rose decided to take matters into her own paws and watch over the family's kittens. The human dad, known on TikTok as @jeremykelly74, captured Rose's dedication to these kittens. You'll see just how hard she works to keep them in check! 

Aww! She was doing such a great job trying to keep those tiny babies altogether. Or at least she's trying! Because as many of you probably know, that's no easy task. They all have a mind of their own and at that age, they're self-proclaimed explorers. LOL! We've said it before and @Just5ft confirms, "Full-time job 😁."

"She's gonna retire cause of those kittens 😂," commented @Tania Leyva. Understandably so! We would too. LOL! She must be exhausted from the number of times she tries to keep them together. Not only exhausted but also annoyed. Just as @mamanursemegan wrote, "These dang kids don't listen to a thing I'd say!" YES! That's exactly what the dog was thinking. 

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Another TikTok user, @chronically_nonchalant, said, "I've heard the expression, 'It's like herding cats,' but I've never seen it in action." LOL! We never really understood that expression before because well, how hard could it really be to herd cats? But now we know - it's impossible. LOL! We're confident that Rose will get the hang of it though! 

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