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Australian Shepherd Gets Sent to 'Herding Camp' and We're So Here for It

Hundreds of years ago, many dog breeds were bred for specific jobs and tasks. For example, terriers were used for hunting small prey and Newfoundlands were bred to assist with boat and water jobs. In the present day, this is far less common and most of these breeds are happy to be a family pet, devoid of responsibility, but they still retain the instincts and traits that made them particularly adept at their jobs. One couple decided to let their pup learn the ways of his breed with this cool experience.

TikTok user @mochistails recently shared a video of her Australian Shepherd, Mochi, attending a special camp. In the video, Mochi's parents send him to a 'herding camp' where the pup can learn to herd sheep, just like his breed was created to do. Check out the video to see this awesome camp, and see Mochi herd like a pro!

OMG, this is so cool! We love that these dog parents provided such a stimulating experience for their pup. We hope Mochi had a great time!

People in the comments were loving this idea. @samweddle50 said, "This is wildly wholesome. I bet he had so much fun!" Another user, @_recyclable commented, "This is the sweetest thing you could’ve done for your herding dog. You invested into their happiness and passions—next level bonding." We love to see dogs have fun experiences like this!

Others wanted to sign their pups up for the same camp! @lkaygardner commented, "Everyone with a herding breed and the means should do this!" and @cloudgorl said, "Omg I need this for my baby Border Collie!" This seems like such an enriching experience for the dogs!

We can't get enough of this video. We can tell Mochi is a natural herder, and he probably felt right at home in that field with the sheep! Hopefully Mochi can go again in the future.

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