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Herding Dog's Reaction to Getting Her Own Flock of Chickens to Protect Is Full of Joy

People on the internet got to see one person make their dog's dreams come true. And it's just as good as you could imagine. TikTok creator @ashilacres knew that her Collie needed a group of chickens to herd — and watching the dog get what she wanted is the best thing ever. 

The adorable footage shows the pup having the time of her life while watching the chickens one day. And we have to admit we got the chills watching the clip too. 

"We got our herding dog a flock of chickens to protect," the videos text overlay reads. "She dreamed of this her whole life. You can see how happy she is." We love seeing the pup in mama-bear mode. You can tell that she'd protect those little chickens no matter what. 

Over 1 million people have tuned in to watch the pup live her dream. "She’s so proud of her herd and looks adorable in her scarf," @notoriouslpg_ wrote in the comments section. "I have seen many expressive dogs in this app, but this just radiates a level of contentment and serenity that is tangible through the screen," @mama_raptor_2013 chimed in. "I’m crying She looks so proud and responsible 'Carry on hens I’ll stand watch,'" @life.of.huckleberry joked.

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"She was born for this. She understood her job," the TikToker later wrote in the thread. This is one dog who definitely loves her job.

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