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Video of Dog Dad Playing Hide-and-Seek With his American Bulldogs Made Our Day

Playing with a dog can be one of the most joyful parts of pet ownership. Not only do you both get some exercise while bonding (and usually laughing), their unbridled silliness can bring a smile to almost anyone's face. It's the best! You could play fetch, tug-of-war, or--in this dog dad's case--hide-and-seek, but the result will always be the same: tons of fun!

That's exactly why viewers are loving @noah_and_lincoln's recent viral video--everyone is all smiles. Even the older American Bulldog Noah and his younger fur brother have smiles on their faces as they search for their dad, but it gets even sweeter when they find him!

We're willing to bet that you're smiling too, now. Right? This video is just packed with joy! That must be why the commenters are in awe of this sweet trio--just take a look at what they had to say:

"You guys are so wholesome!🥰," @roamingautism wrote. "Always makes my day!" We have a hunch there are tons of other viewers who feel the same way, including @grimlock_king, who couldn't help but admire "what sweet boys" Lincoln and Noah are. 

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Meanwhile, other commenters like @king0fz0mbies got a laugh out of this amazing dog dad's reactions. "The look says it all," he pointed out. "The jig is up 😂." Ha! That definitely was a shorter game of hide-and-seek than most are used to, but it was worth it just to see that facial expression. 

"Dad behind the door 👁️👄👁️," @invalid.characters added. LMAO! We've never seen an emoji face look that accurate. If we're being honest, it has us laughing all over again! The joy radiating from this adorable furry family is contagious, and we never want it to end!

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