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Tenant Has Hilariously Sneaky Way Of Having 2 Cats

According to the most recent statistics, there are around 44 million households in the US who rent their homes. And a lot of these rental properties have pet policies, which state the number, breed and type of pet you can have. So what if you live somewhere that only allows one cat? Tiktok user @CatLady_Quinn has a pretty hilarious solution. 

Now, we are in no way condoning this behavior, but we certainly are laughing at it. 

The struggle is real! Now, before any landlords get upset with us, we do realize there are many reasons that dwellings don't allow cats. The damage some cats may cause, other tenants with allergies, we get it. But we still can't help but laugh. @AliciaMarie, who used this trick, got busted, "This works until they are in the window at the same time. Happened to me lol." Whoops, LOL! @SarahFaddenMackrid isn't even talking about cats anymore, adding, "This is my plan with my husband too." Hahaha! No one will ever know. Maybe try twins? @Christinabru hilariously says, "My Mom did that because my brother who lived with her told her no more cats. It was a little over a year when he said "Wait a second! There are 2 of them" LOL! 

@Denelisanchez has done this exact same thing, but not to a landlord, and posts, "I did that so my husband would take awhile to figure out I got a second cat." 

So funny. This is a definite try at your own risk sort of situation. Just don't blame us if you get charged an additional pet fee! 

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