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High School Prank That Centers Around Dogs Is Something Everyone Can Get Behind

It’s graduation time, which means celebrating, parties, and yes, the classic high school prank from seniors. School administrators try their hardest to avoid it every year, but like clockwork, a prank happens right around this time. Some are harmful, others might get in serious trouble. But one, in particular, we recently saw on TikTok is something we all can get behind. 

TikTok user @th0tiana shared a video from what one can only assume was the happiest day of the whole year. The senior year prank at this high school was for everyone to bring in their dog to school. What! Why did no one think of this when we were in high school?! She filmed all the different types of dogs at school that day. Some were running to get out of there and others were very studious. All we know is that they were very, very good boys and girls! 

OMG! There's really only one way to describe this and that comes from @bananagirl573 who said, "Best day ever." How much do you want to bet that day had the highest rate of attendance all year? LOL! We love how Luna the Pug was sitting right on the desk. She was very ready to learn. Some dogs were drinking from the fountain, and others were drowning in pets. Sounds like some of them may have a new job as an emotional support dog for a school! 

“The fact that I have 4 dogs and would probably bring all of them,” wrote @kenzie. That only seems fair. You wouldn’t want to single any of them out! Parents don’t play favorites. We hope schools get ready for this next year because there have been several TikTok users in the comments saying they want to do this when they’re seniors. LOL! 

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