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Hikers Try to Scare Grizzly Bear on a Trail and People Have Feelings

Any hiker will tell you that the last thing they hope to run into while out on a trail is a wild animal. And depending on where you happen to be hiking, it's not all that uncommon to encounter a bear in the great outdoors. One group of hikers in Glacier National Park got the shock of their lives when a grizzly bear appeared directly before them, walking down the blazed trail as if he were trying to join the party.

The clip was shared on TikTok by @rustyblade310, and the footage is credited to someone named Idari Martin. Warning, there's some not-so-polite language in this video, so you might want to turn the speakers down or wait until there are no kids around to watch it.

Nope, nope, and NOPE! Yikes! While making loud noises is advised if you run into a bear, clearly this animal wasn't at all deterred by the ruckus these hikers were making. On the other hand, he didn't seem to be at all bothered by them, and he certainly wasn't charging or showing aggression.

Believe it or not, people in the comments are actually rooting for the bear in this case. @Steve asked, "Is it bad to root for the bear here?" @ldperry added, "Poor bear. He’s in his home and being told to go away." That's a really great point. As much as we enjoy hiking, it's important to remember whose turf we're on when we go out exploring.

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Other TikTok users threw in a good dose of a comedy after seeing the video. @Sonic Boom joked, "Bear be like, 'dang all these Karen's out here these days 🐻.'" And @Henry Under born said, "Bear's looking at the buffet line like, 'I only got a coupon for one." Then @I.M noted, "He thought they were cheering him on 😂."

Based on this follow-up video, it sounds like the bear finally gave up on the hikers and wandered off the trail. 

We're glad nobody, including the bear, was harmed in the making of these videos. However, the clips serve as an important reminder that when hiking in National Parks, you just might get more than you bargained for! 

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