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Hilarious Video Shows Shelter Cat Turning Into Carpet Snake

Lots of people who adopt shelter cats wonder how they are doing. Really doing. Sure, checking in with your vet is always helpful but there are other indicators as well. A few signs that your cat is adjusting well is to consider if they are eating and drinking, using their litter box daily and socializing with the rest of the people in your home. Do they seem alert? Does their fur look healthy? 

Another way to determine if your shelter cat is getting used to their new family is to consider how much of an utter derp they are behaving like, because as any cat owner can tell you, a goofy cat is a healthy cat. 

What the heck is @lucky_theblackcat_1 doing? What a weirdo! We love her! We aren't the only ones with @Rush saying "Bro looks is acting like his in Mission Impossible." @Dreamstobeaccomplished posts "He is a professional carpet swimmer." @Elpiji seems to have figured out that this actually isn't a cat at all by saying "That's not a cat, that's a mop." 

Lucky is an adorable two-year-old rescue and her entire page is filled with her carpet snake antics. She's the perfect combination for anyone who has ever wanted to adopt a cat, but a spider at the same time. 

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