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Video of Hysterical Ferret Prank Has Us LOL-ing

Arts and crafts sure can be fun! Mod-podge, construction paper, pipe cleaners, glitter.. heck, why not get your pets in on the action for a little fun creative bonding time? 

Or, in the case of @Fuffyferrets you can wait until it's naptime and then get creative when your adorable little floofs are sleepy. Just watch this video and umm, we can't, we just can't with this. This is hilarious. 

LOL! We love how mama to these pet ferrets is practically in tears in this video. It's just too funny. @BrittannyCC says "I just made this exact same noise laughing at this omfg." @ShaneMcneill adds "This made my day better thank you for the laugh those ferrets are so cute." @Tommy is as amused as we are "OH MY GOSH I LOST IT!! THE FREAKING GOOGLY EYES!!" 

So does anyone have some ferrets we can borrow? Not only are they adorable but they just made googly eyes that much more hilarious. 

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