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Video of Hippo Enjoying a Pumpkin at Cincinnati Zoo Is Too Cute

Fall is officially in session and you know what that means - pumpkin season! Everywhere you look it's pumpkin-flavored drinks and treats and pumpkin decorations. And you'd be surprised who is jumping in on the pumpkin lifestyle. 

The Cincinnati Zoo, known on TikTok as @cincinnatizoo, decided to treat their animals to the fall flavor that everyone is so obsessed with. And let's just say they found the reason behind all the hype of the pumpkin season. Check out these hippos enjoying their treat! 

Is there any living creature that doesn't love pumpkin season!? LOL! We know this season is huge for humans but seeing the hippos enjoy the pumpkin treat was a pleasant surprise to us. You could just tell how much they were loving it too! 

"It's a family feast!" said @Brookfield Zoo. Thanksgiving came early. LOL! The only difference to Thanksgiving was that it was all pumpkins. We wouldn't mind that! @gem4lifemc commented, "Hahaha! It’s like he was bobbing for an apple. So cute." Ha! It totally looks like bobbing for apples. We love that comparison! 

Another TikTok user, @sb1289, wrote, "I just can't unsee the fact that if they could do that to a pumpkin, they could do it to a skull. Powerful animals! (But the baby is so cuuuute!)" Wow, that's so true. They're beyond adorable but watching them smash a pumpkin so quickly is eye-opening. But we still love these powerful, beautiful animals! And omg don't even get us started on the baby! The cutest little thing we've ever seen.

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