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Video of Hockey Dogs and Their 'Problems' Is Absolutely Adorable

In recent years, hockey fans and pet parents have had the genius idea to bring their two loves together for events called Pucks n' Paws, where dogs get to attend hockey games with their parents. It's been such a hit that teams across different leagues and sports are catching on. Sold on the idea yet? 

In case some of their fans need a little more convincing, the Mississauga Steelheads Hockey Club posted an adorable clip of some dogs playing around the rink and on the ice. The team also outed these dogs' 'problems' in the silliest way, and we're just living for it!

Despite all the ice, our hearts are melting from the cuteness! These dogs look like they're having the times of their lives. From Harley, who's learning a few new puckhandling skills from one of the Steelheads players, to little princess Peaches, there's oh-so-much to love about this video.

"Axel said I came for the ice I stay for the pets," said commenter @gigantor7113. That doesn't sound like a problem to me! Heck, this big Bernese Mountain Dog probably enjoys the cool ice with that huge fur coat of his. Just like @froppygirl99 wrote, "So cute. My God, if those were Huskies, they’d never get off the rink." You're so right! Pucks n' Paws sounds like the perfect event for a sled dog--if they can sit still for part of the game, that is!

"Quick!" @emmbennet said, "write down what Buddy was saying!" He does seem quite eager to be the coach, and what's the harm in trying? If his advice is anything like 'fetch the puck,' he's already halfway there!

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