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Farmer Builds Cool Shade Structure for His Cattle That Has People Impressed

A farmer based in Vermont, known on TikTok as @goldshawfarm, decided to treat his cattle to a cool, new, interactive structure, and we’re here for it! He’s calling the contraption the “happy cow mobile.” Not only is the invention amazing, but he also built it all himself, which makes it that much better! 

He shared what the “happy cow mobile” looks like and the different features in a recent video. The main point of the structure is to provide shade as the cows are out on the pasture. But all the additional bells and whistles he added are downright impressive! There's no doubt these cows will love it! 

Wow! This is amazing! The shady part is to mimic trees blowing in the wind, which is so creative. Not only will the cows get some shade, but they also have a mineral feeder and rubbing brushes for them to scratch themselves. They have it all! 

One TikTok commenter,, said, “I am so incredibly delighted by this invention. My world is better for seeing it 😁.” Ours, too! The fact that he built this for them is so kind. You can tell he loves his animals! “This here is a man that cares about his animals. I appreciate you as a person, and toby dog,” wrote @Arlow-Beans. 

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Any guesses on if the cattle will like this "happy cow mobile"?! 

How did he know they would like the rubbing brushes the best?! But also, they think everything is for scratching… LOL! @chelseacurcio joked, “Brush? For scratching. Tire? For scratching. Mineral block? Also for scratching.” We hope he doesn’t mind. But how could he? Oh well, they’re loving it, anyway! 

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