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Rescued Horse's New Adopters Fail to Pick Her Up in Video That Has Us in Tears

There's nothing more heartbreaking than an unwanted animal, and even worse than that is an animal that was adopted but is left all alone when it's time to go their new home. Horses are such intelligent, gentle creatures that it's difficult to believe anyone would abandon one in the first place, much less not show up to pick them up after they've agreed to adopt them. 

Such is the sad story of beautiful 9-month-old filly Alice, who waited all day for her new family to pick her up, only to have them not show. Wanting to celebrate Alice anyway is the amazing horse rescue group @OhKaytacos, and just wait until you see what they did for her to celebrate her even if she didn't end up being adopted.

Oh, our hearts! Alice is such a beautiful girl all dressed up in her neck ruffle and hat. Alice was dumped at a horse auction due to a terrible facial injury which is when the people at OhKayTacos (Colby's Rescues) gave her a new chance at life. Alice is currently recovering, but sadly, this is the second time she's been adopted that turned out to be a no-show. 

So many posters in the comments have fallen in love with this pretty pony, with @J.Wall commenting, "Well, now I’m crying over a filly in a party outfit." Other people would love to be able to give her a forever home, and @Bridget says, "Aww. They weren’t Alice’s forever home if they can’t show up. Someone is waiting to love her how she deserves." @CarolynHager says what a lot of us are thinking, "If only we had land that could support her! Husband says we can't keep her in the house."

Fingers crossed that some kind soul welcomes this beautiful animal into their home (and pasture) soon!

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