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Video of Horse Asking His Friend for Help at Mealtime Has People Amazed

Alexa, play "With a little help from my friends" by The Beatles. It's the perfect soundtrack we need for this viral TikTok video posted by @longfieldequestrain that has over 1.7 million views and 232.5K likes. The clip reminds us that sometimes to get by, we need a little help from our friends. 

Two horses are outside grazing. But one horse is actually wearing a grazing muzzle, which is used to cut down on the amount a horse can eat. He clearly wasn’t a fan of being restricted on how much he can eat. We don’t blame him, we’d hate it, too! He immediately knows he needs assistance. Watch what he does to enlist his friend to help him out, and just wait until you see how that horse reacts.

WOW! How in the heck did that horse know what the other one wanted?! It must’ve been in the other horse’s hooves before. LOL! If it wasn’t for this horse, he wouldn’t have been able to get by with some extra grassy snacks. 

We’re laughing at the fact the horse who needed help didn’t stand still. If he just patiently waited while the other horse worked on getting the muzzle off, he could have been eating sooner. “The tall one was like. “Jeezus, I can’t grab it if you don’t stop moving!!’” wrote @Krista Kraft. Sounds like a little kid impatient with getting his popsicle opened! “He is like, ‘Seriously the things I do for you hold still’ 🤣,” commented @Lady T. Ha, he can’t hold still, he’s starving! @Paigeriffix added, “He’s like, ‘hold still I’m TRYING to help you!’” 

Another commenter, @lcvance37030370 said, “He understood the assignment 😂. So cute.” Why do we get the feeling this horse helped his friend get the muzzle off before? It was just too quick and smooth to be the first time.