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Horse's Reaction to Things Being Out of Order in His Barn Is Cracking Us Up

Have you ever walked into a familiar space and things were out of place? Maybe you went into your room and everything on your shelves were turned the wrong way, or you started to cook dinner and you realized the pots and pans were put away wrong? One horse experienced this shock in his barn and the reaction is too good.

TikTok user @tccbequinetrainingllc works for a farm animal sanctuary as a horse trainer to help the horses they take in get adopted following their rehabilitation. She recently shared a video of one of their horses, Chief, entering the barn after everything had been rearranged. He took a few steps in, looked around, and couldn't believe what he was looking at! Check out the video to see Chief's reaction is to the disorder in the barn.

LOL, this horse is too funny! He immediately turned to leave after looking around at the updates in the barn. The caption on the video said, "Does not spook on trails but God forbid you put anything new or out of place in his barn, and he will certainly let you know it needs his approval first." Chief clearly does not like change!

People in the comments thought Chief's trainer should have approved the alterations with him. @equievolution said, "How dare you make design changes without consulting him first?" and @whymustwehaveusernames commented, "My man squared up INSTANTLY! Do NOT touch his barn, mama!" Chief clearly does not like people messing with his stuff.

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Others thought it was amazing how quickly Chief noticed the changes! @mychildrenrmyworld joked, "He is more aware of his surroundings than my husband is of his!" and @foxxxylady777 commented, "He inspects the space immediately. He has the lead horse instincts." We can certainly agree that this is one intelligent horse!

We just love how Chief noticed the changes and immediately knew he didn't like them! Plus, if you rearrange the barn, how is he supposed to sneak over to the snacks in the middle of the night without bumping into anything. Looks like the barn will need to go back to the way it was!

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