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Horse's Tender Way of Watching Over Little Boy Is Simply Irresistible

Animals can be some of our very best friends, but it turns out they're pretty good at babysitting too. At least Darcey the rescue horse is! The sweet girl recently went viral for watching over her human mom's young son, and TikTok is having a field day.

There are tons of fun and adorable posts on @endurancewithdarcey's account page, but it's hard to top the humor and sweetness here. We'd let Darcey watch our kiddos, too!

Aww! We love that she's looking out for this little boy (her little brother, we suppose?) with just as much concern as Mom. Whether she's the big sis or the babysitter, though, Darcey is a rockstar!

Commenter @tt_501blues wrote, "she turns back towards the camera like 'do you see this?'" It was too much! Her mom replied, "she honestly loves him and watches him everywhere he goes, not another horse I’d trust more." We believe it! She reacted so quickly to keep the boy from leaving the area--there's no doubt how much she cares for him. It's just like @michele442 said, "gotta watch these young colts." LOL!

As amazing as it is to see Darcey watch out for her lil' bro, it's even more impressive to consider her whole thought process. @Lisaevans425 agreed that it's "so cool to see her figure it out and then act." She's such a smart girl!

 It's hard to believe she's a rescue considering how loving and in-tune she is with her family. That's the power of love for you!

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