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Moment a Horse First Bonds With Her New Foal Captured in Breathtaking Video

The connection between a mother and child is so strong. Even in the animal kingdom, their relationship is awe inspiring. An Equine Photographer in Iowa just happened to capture that bond in action recently, when she caught a sweet moment between a horse and her foal on video. 

Rachel Reilly of Rachel Reilly Photography frequently takes photos of people and their horses and shares them on her TikTok page @rachelreillyphotography. But this time, things were different. Reilly had her camera rolling when her Broodmare gave birth late one night, she explained on her page, and after a storm had passed to boot! Miraculously, Reilly managed to record the moment that mom and baby first bonded. Wait until you see this touching interaction!

This is just absolutely precious! Other people in the comments section couldn’t help but notice how the horse “talked’ to her newborn. “Listen to her coo at her baby,” @wendi1777 wrote. “You’re finally here, my baby,” @toviahmp added. “Nothing will ever replace the sounds of a mothers first words to her baby,” @butterflytmb.

And other people gave Reilly props for getting this all on film. "The fact you are able to capture this for your own memories let alone share them with us is remarkable. Bless you," @morrigans_angel commented. "You can see the exhaustion from beautiful mama but the love is undeniable," @sundeesanders chimed in. 

Reilly also uploaded the horse's delivery video, which is worth a watch if you really want to see some magic happen. "Can’t believe I got to watch the whole thing," she wrote in the caption.

Although we think one commenter really said it best: “There’s nothing better than a bond between a mother and a child. No matter if it’s a horse or a human or anything,”@jeanniekennedymattly wrote.  So very true.